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That sounds Spanish to me May 13, 2009

Posted by os2011 in Law, National Security, President Bush, United Nations.

bill o'reillyRemember the row about the Spanish Judge Garzon attempting to prosecute six Bush administration lawyers for crimes against humanity in connection with the waterboarding at Guantanamo ?

It has gotten fairly quiet about this issue recently, hasn’t it ? Suspiciously quiet, actually. And probably, the whole affair would already be entirely forgotten, if it wasn’t for Bill O”Reilly of Foxnews fame.

Not only did this “Anti-spin doctor” find out that the UN – any liberal’s moral and ethical authority – suspects the Spanish Government of using torture against Basque terrorists; he also discovered that an Argentinian Judge refused to extradite a suspected terrorist to Spain out of concerns that he would be subject to torture in this country.

This is just another example, how liberals tend to measure with different standards: torturing of Basque terrorists by Spanish authorities is ok, water-boarding of Islamic fundamentalists who have conducted terror attacks against New York. Madrid and London is illegal, if Americans are involved.

It would be funny if it just wasn’t soooo sad ….

Read the full revealing article at http://spectator.org/archives/2009/05/12/the-spanish-inquisition-meets/



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